Long-Range 300 Mbps Wireless WiFi Extender

$25.95 $49.95


Sometimes, your WiFi connection can be really shoddy depending on where you are. From hotels to campgrounds this Long-Range 300 Mbps Wireless WiFi Extender will take your WiFi to a whole new level!

This system is incredibly easy to setup and use. It works with just about any smartphone.

Right now, we've put the Long-Range 300 Mbps Wireless WiFi Extender on SALE!


  • High-quality wall-to-wall technology ensures that the repeater coverage is NEVER blocked!
  • Dependable chip provides stable 2.4GHz network service with network speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Built-in software upgrade technology
  • Simple setup steps that are easy for anyone to follow
  • US Plug


Can't connect to the internet after setup is complete. Please check whether you entered the same password as your router, and check if there are any special characters like ~!@#$%^&*(). If yes, please change your router password. The repeater can not identify special characters.

Resetting the repeater. Long-press the reset button for 10 seconds. ( NOT WPS button, the reset button is at the side)