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If you are wanting to improve your aim, speed, and accuracy, the Red Dpt Laser Sight is just what you've been looking for. Our adjustable laser sight sports a universal clamp-on mount that is made to fit most models with or without rail slots.

You'll be impressed by how clear and bright the laser beam truly is. You'll never miss your target.

No matter what the weather conditions are like, this laser sight will help you aim and fire with accuracy. Our laser is meant for a wide wind range and can be adjusted according to elevation.


  • PRECISE: Visibility up to 100 meters
  • UNIVERSAL: Adjustable Designed to fit most hunting and self-defense models with or without rail slots - 11 - 20mm
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Very user friendly! Simple design makes for simple installation
  • DURABLE: High-quality materials make this laser sight far stronger than standard rail-mounted lights
  • CONVENIENT: Comes with all the accessories you need. Simply install and start aiming!


  • Target Practice - Use it at the range as training device to help improve accuracy
  • Hunting - Allows you to careful follow your target
  • Personal Safety - Deters home invasions
  • Plinking - Helps to accurately aim at tin cans, bottles, and other DIY targets

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Adjustable Red Dot Laser Sight with Mount 2 x Allen wrench 3 x Battery